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Pool 0 slow/down or URL credentials invalid

Hey redditors,
Just recently got into mining, started with bitcoins but my rig is a little too slow to keep up with all the ASICs so I have moved to mining altcoins. My most recent venture has been with middlecoin and it WAS working great, but after about 20+ hours of mining I awoke this afternoon to find that my Kh/s had been steadily dropping all night and around 20 minutes before I walked up to my computer bfgminer said middlecoin.com:3333 is not responding. Now I am trying to re-establish a connection but all I get is the error in the title. I have tried running cgminer with the same .bat and I still get the same error. I have taken down my firewall and still cannot get it to work. I am also solo mining feathercoins with my cpu, I dont know if that may cause some issues but even with feathercoin-qt not on it still wont connect to the servers.
Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
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1. Downloading QT application and creating wallet. 3. customising the mining app (cgminer in this tutorial) Go to feathercoin.com and download the Feathercoin QT app. Start the program and let it sync to the network (this will take a long time) NSGminer and download the latest NSGminer for your operating system. When the feathercoin-qt app has ... Feathercoin is an upgraded and customized version of Bitcoin initially forked from Litecoin’s source code. Users have very easy access to two wallets (FeathercoinCore and Electrum) that work exactly like Bitcoin, but with faster block processing. In addition to these desktop wallets, Feathercoin is supported by various mobile wallets and blockexplorers. FEATURES. User Friendly & Secure ... Wenn Sie den BFGMiner als Ihre Bitcoin-Mining-Software auswählen möchten, können Sie ihn hier herunterladen. Sie existieren, um den eigentlichen Abbauprozess für uns durchzuführen. Stellen Sie sich vor, unser Block besteht aus dem Wort "SCHMETTERLING", das wir zuvor besprochen haben. Denken Sie daran, dass es heutzutage sehr schwierig sein kann, diese Geräte zu bekommen, da die Nachfrage ... Bitcoin Network Hashrate Chart and Graph. Hash rate.Details: Bitcoin Gold, Zhash, 74 Mh/s; Mining Bitcoin Gold with the GTX 1050 TI:. GPU Graphics In Bitcoin, transactions form a one-way linked list that allows tracing pre- vious accounts depends on luck and hardware, but, with a GPU, an acceptable pool hash is found every You should check out the second article for a host of details on that I ... Bitcoin Mining Explained Simply - Cloud Mining Bitcoins Bitcoin Mining Explained Simply Virwox Paypal Bitcoin Bitcoin Qt

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bitconnect solo mining with cpu

Some Helpful Links: • Buy Parts for a Mining Rig: http://amzn.to/2jSSsCz • Download NiceHash Miner: https://www.nicehash.com/?p=nhmintro • Choose a Wallet: h... this video show you that how to mine bitconnect coin using your cpu. This video is the fourteenth in a series of videos showing you how to mine a single coin with Awesome Miner and Mining Pool Hub. Episode 14 is FeatherCoin. This method is not profit switching. For ... www.plugnmine.com Plugnmine ASIC Litecoin Miner review bitcoin ltiecoin dogecoin feathercoin scrypt mining How to solo mining bitcoin with your Bitcoin wallet CPU mining on PC Run your wallet - Help - Debug Window - Console for start mining writte: setgenerate true -1 for controle mining: getmininginfo ...